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Who is Enspire?

We are Compassionate Community Builders! We are a boutique charity focused on creating endless ENSPIRING moments for individuals to help those less fortunate locally and internationally. Our volunteers, supporters and partners know us personally and experience for themselves the immediate impact and results of their contributions.

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A Sense of Hope

“I have been given a chance to go Back to Future. A chance to see what my life could actually be if 35 years ago my father wasn’t given the opportunity to emigrate from the Philippines. That could have easily been me today. The Bulacan Project has given me huge awareness of what blessings I have been given and the power I have to make a difference for my people and the world around me.”

Dianna David

(Physical Entertainer & Movement Storyteller)

BCP Ambassador 2010

Enspire has been serving food at the Living Room Drop-In Centre on 528 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC since 2002! Cook and serve with like-minded individuals and experience the wonderful gift of giving! Enspire holds soup kitchens monthly every third Saturday to provide unique opportunities for you to volunteer. Serve your local community and have fun while doing it!

Soup Kitchen: TBA
Soup Kitchen: TBA
Soup Kitchen: TBA

Group Bookings

We are happy to accommodate group registrations. It’s a great way for groups/teams to collaborate, build trust, and serve our community!

There are two ways for group bookings:

A. Have each volunteer register individually for our regular scheduled dates. See above for Upcoming Soup Kitchens.

B. Book a special date for your group.

If you would like to book on a special date, please read the following guidelines.

1. Groups are responsible to find a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 volunteers. It will be the group’s responsibility to find replacements in the case of any last minute cancellations and ensure the group is ready to prepare the food for the scheduled date.

2. Groups are required to donate $250 to cover the cost of the food and supplies. Enspire will take care of picking up the items and will have it ready for the scheduled date. There will also be an Enspire Soup Kitchen Lead to coordinate the preparation of the meal. The meal we will serve is a fresh pasta dish, salad, garlic toast, and dessert.

3. Groups must book at least 3 months in advance and submit the donation to reserve the date at least 30 days before the scheduled date. Once the donation has been received by e-banking transfer or cheque, the scheduled date is confirmed.

4. Our soup kitchens are open to all ages. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

If you are interested in booking a group soup kitchen, email