Who is Enspire?

We are Compassionate Community Builders! We are a boutique charity focused on creating endless ENSPIRING moments for individuals to help those less fortunate locally and internationally. Our volunteers, supporters and partners know us personally and experience for themselves the immediate impact and results of their contributions.

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A Sense of Hope

“I first visited the Philippines when I was sixteen and was completely culture shocked by the poverty and destitution. It was painful seeing so much poverty and thinking there was nothing I can do to help. The BCP trip changed this feeling of helplessness by offering the opportunity to create better lives for these poor families by building houses in a new, clean community. It instilled a sense of hope and pride in me that was made possible through Enspire Foundation.”

Melodie Pangan

(Product Manager)

BCP Ambassador 2009

We are always looking for highly dedicated and motivated individuals to join the Executive Team. For more information, please email info@enspireme.org

Volunteer Openings

Soup Kitchen Lead

Lead soup kitchen activities including picking up ingredients, providing instructions for the volunteers, and overseeing the preparation of the meals.

Volunteer Coordinator

Manage communication and registration of volunteers for the soup kitchen events including corporate inquiries and group bookings.

Job Openings

There are no job openings at the moment
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Next Soup Kitchen: August 15, 2020 at 2:00pm – 4:30pm