Who is Enspire?

We are Compassionate Community Builders! We are a boutique charity focused on creating endless ENSPIRING moments for individuals to help those less fortunate locally and internationally. Our volunteers, supporters and partners know us personally and experience for themselves the immediate impact and results of their contributions.

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A Sense of Hope

“I have been given a chance to go Back to Future. A chance to see what my life could actually be if 35 years ago my father wasn’t given the opportunity to emigrate from the Philippines. That could have easily been me today. The Bulacan Project has given me huge awareness of what blessings I have been given and the power I have to make a difference for my people and the world around me.”

Dianna David

(Physical Entertainer & Movement Storyteller)

BCP Ambassador 2010

The Hearts of Enspire
“We strive to make our community better by living our values and providing opportunities for everyone to make a difference in the world.”


To ensure everyone feels loved


To inspire & empower others to realize their greatest potential


To be open to new experiences & live life to the fullest


To always stay true to our hearts & be authentic


To build loving communities locally & globally
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